सोमवार, 29 अप्रैल 2013

Semen, semen Virywan

Semen, semen Virywan = seed of human evolution, human seed, valiant, man, manhood, heroic self-possessed, human supplement, force - force holder( Virywan ), power - powerful, sweet -drinking, woman - beauty, parenthood, dad - side , male - female, relationship - relatives, self-esteem, knowledge - science, travel, country - foreign, life - death, regeneration - destroyed , passion, beauty, warmth, charm, and everything happens semen ! One of semen only to sexual self-esteem and the effects of its volume to be or become mothers and fathers Diet - Diet-Vihar  [ dalliance] depends on the volunteers how to be a normal diet. Between 2 and 5 mL of semen per ejaculation average volume. Inability to produce this amount of semen either a health or physical condition that limits their ability to fall out of production or Virywan might indicate. Eating foods and drinking enough water can help increase a certain amount of semen [price] will be a man. Enough to require interruption of water after water intake, without enough water, dehydration and body will not produce normal amounts of sperm or semen. For men at least eight cups of water need to consume each day.